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This is the Pure Python Bash Shell (PPBS). PPBS is meant to be a pure Python implementation of the standard Bash shell, mirroring all the standard functionalities and commands in Python. While it does represent many Bash functionalities well, there are a few drawbacks of working in the repl.it environment:


Use the following commands to install PPBS:

curl https://ppbs.netlify.com/ppbs-2.1-stb.py -o ppbs.py
chmod +x ppbs.py
pip install pytz colorama termcolor

And then you can run the program (if you are root) using:


You can read more about PPBS's files by visiting our file hosting site at ppbs.netlify.com. There you will see instructions on how to download any version of PPBS and see the file index for current and past releases.

Currently the PPBS only supports Linux (ironically and/or coincidentally), and there really is no plans for Windows support in the near future (go ahead, try it if you want; but just warning, the colors will NOT render and reading the input prompt will be hopeless). I strongly recommend that you use the program as a root user (you need to be a root user anyway to install using pip) because capabilities are very limited without it. The online shell you see on the homepage does not have root capabilities, so for the full functionality, please download and run locally on your Linux machine.