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Important Announcement - PPBS 2.0

Coming soon will be the next large update in PPBS history called PPBS 2.0. This update will be mostly implementing one large change, which will be the splitting between PPBShome and PPBSonline. PPBSonline will be the new name of the online PPBS console that you see on the homepage. This will remain a version that you can just play around with, test out commands, or embed into your website. PPBShome will be a downloadable package that you will be able to execute on your home *nix system. The advantage of PPBShome is that you can access sudo commands, or commands that require root permissions to run. This will create a whole new potential for PPBS use that could never have been done with the online console before.

That being said, because of the splitting that has to happen between the online and home versions, you will most likely see some drastic changes here on the site and on the online console. Certain pages might go down, or you might even see them being updated in almost real-time ;) So please be aware of these changes. The ultimate goal would be to release a package for apt, so that PPBS could be easily installed with apt-get. But that idea is still in the works. I plan to have all major changes done by the end of this month (November), and after that expect a completely new PPBS!

The public beta for PPBShome is now available for download. You can view instructions on downloading PPBS files at the PPBS file server site, ppbs.netlify.com. This site will host all PPBS files and there is an official file index on that site. Like what was mentioned above, the plan will be to create a package for apt in the future, with the goal of simplifying the installation process. I hope to have this completed within the next month.

I guess, really, what I'm trying to say, is keep an open mind while changes come. And thank you for your cooperation.